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Master Tenimyu Photoset Post

13 Feb 2008 - Started Post
30 Mar 2008 - Cleaned up some links.
29 May 2008 - I have some photosets from DL5 and will be updating this weekend.
21 Aug 2008 - Posting all DL5 and Imperial Presence tonight and tomorrow.
22 Aug 2008 - Posted Imperial Presence Hyoutei. Still sorting DL5th. D:

Everyday there are requests for photosets, but many are just too hard to locate, crawling through archived posts.

I am compiling all of the photosets in one post. I have only scanned 2 sets myself, others I have found around the communities.

Tenimyu Dream Live 1st
Tenimyu Dream Live 2nd (HERE)
Tenimyu Dream Live 3rd (HERE)
Tenimyu Dream Live 4th (HERE)
Tenimyu Dream Live 5th(soon)

Tenimyu I: The Prince of Tennis Musical
Tenimyu II: Remarkable 1st Match - Fudomine (soon)
Tenimyu II: Side Fudomine (HERE)
Tenimyu III: More Than Limit St. Rudolph Gakuen (HERE)
Tenimyu IV: Side Yamabuki Featuring St. Rudolph (HERE)
Tenimyu V: The Imperial Match Hyotei Gakuen (HERE)
Tenimyu V: The Imperial Match Hyotei Gakuen in Winter (HERE)
Tenimyu VI: Musical Advancement Match Rokkaku feat. Hyotei Gakuen (HERE)
Tenimyu VII: Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku ~ First Service (HERE)
Tenimyu VII: Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku ~ Second Service (HERE)
Tenimyu VIII: The Progressive Match Higa Chuu feat Rikkai (HERE)
Tenimyu IX: The Imperial Presence Hyoutei feat. Higa
My thanks for scans go to-->moku_1212, habox , greyhakuro , sheraccoon , starrbeam , letihughes , shougoryoma </lj>


Hi guys!

I'm going to actually update my photoset log when I get back home to Minnesota in 8 days.

Also, I'm moving my downloadable content to picklepress  . This is my new publications journal. Please friend it! I promise to actually update it and not just keep modifying the same post, lol.

Right-o! Not a whole lot is over there right now...but it is fully functional!

I'm also updating TPD! I haven't posted anything in over 15 months! That will also be up within the week!

My webcomic is also moving there from my deviantart!

Sweet! Thanks guys!

Oh yeah, and lukers, I <3 you! Go ahead and comment on my non-tenimyu related posts.

Tenimyu. I don't like the Fuji for Shitenmyu. However, I like both Zaizens...and Zaizen is the only reason I like Shitenhouji. I mean Yuji x Koharu? I can't stand real gayness in Tenimyu, lol.

Pokemon Platinum is awesome. Only played about 8 hours, but I feel better that I know the professor's name is nanakamado. I kept saying Commander 7 when I was playing Diamond in Japanese.

Magic. My deck is now uber awesome and I will win on Friday.

My stuffed duck that really is a pencil case? Has a hole in his tummy. My titanium pencil keeps poking thru' him.

Remember my post on my dead RP journal goya4u ? Yeah, so I decided to go to Mitsuwa today, get a goya and give it Chef John...see how a culinary teacher deals with it, lol. Want the original post? Go here under the real cut. Lol, I'm not kidding. It is real.

Goya 4 U!Collapse )</span></div>

My TeniPuri Doujinshi Library

Circle 書名
Size Pages Front Back
Main Story Description

Many books have multiple stories. I included all that are over one page.
(could you show it to your mom?)
Trickster X Gentleman
B5 38
1. Yagyuu, Oshitari, and Marui are part of a police force investigating a beauty contest, in which Nioh is cross dressing in. Yagyuu gets mad when he finds out Nioh is a guy.
2. Nioh assults Yagyuu in the Tennis Room, slapping, un-tie-ing, and a forced kiss ensue. Nioh gloms Yagyuu.
Only one small kiss agains a locker. The only other  possible thing may be Nioh undoing Yagyuu's tie and shirt.
Mirai RETRO すき すき だいすき あいしてる
Like, Like, Love, I Love You
B5 36
1. Yagyuu is sick and Nioh comes to take care of him, and pouts bedside for 8 pages.
2. "Yagyuu VS the bra." Yagyuu questions the said object and why it's on Nioh's bed. Nioh takes Yagyuu's glasses, adds a flower to his hair, and tries to get him to wear a dress. Floor make out ensues. Last panel implies sex.
Not hardcore, but 3 pages of shirtless making out. Lots of Nioh trying to jump Yagyuu.
Gouketsudou あひるの神様
God of Ducks
Kisarazu A.
B5 24
Sei Rudy is a police force and Yanagisawa "arrests" and "captures" Atsushi with a rope.
The police force uses accusations against the other teams including:
Rokkaku riding mama bikes together, arresting Akutsu for extortion with a water pistol, Sanada's age, Atobe being a bully, Fuji just looking after Yuuta when being mean to Mizuki, and difusing a bomb.
Yes. It's all crack.
Momijiyama どーにも とまらない!!
Nothing Can Be Done (To Stop It)!!
Kisarazu A.
B5 42
1. Atsushi l has two porn mags: Sabu Macho and Ero Ero Heaven. He feels nothing for the girl, but loves the yaoi. Yanagisawa comes in from the bath and he realises he loves only him.
2. Atsushi and Ryo compare teams with Yanagisawa's duckiness and Itsuki's oxness.
3. After Yanagisawa is knocked out by Momo, Atsushi thinks about how vunerable he is.
4. Yanagisawa wants Atsushi to come out with his feelings. Atsushi finally throws him to the floor and says the coveted "suki" (love).
Mostly crack, but all clothing is kept on. The image of ducky in a dress and on stage is slightly disturbing tho'.

B5 38
Cute-chibi style Zukafuji in pajamas, eating apples and and Tezuka stealing Fuji. Long "kiss" text story in the middle. Except for 5 pages of implied sex. Not hardcore.
Yuna Takanagi I WISH UPON A STAR。
I Wish Upon a Star.
(yes, Echizen is on top.)
B5 56
1. Tezuka is about to drink Inui Juice, but makes Echizen take a sip, as to indirectly kiss him.
2. Echizen wants to take Tezuka, but he has to pull him down and raise up on his tip toes, just to kiss him. He walks outside to see a shooting star. He goes back in to see Tezuka, only to find he is Tezuka's height. It's revaled that Echizen wished to become bigger.
3 sketched pages of Echizen lying on top of Tezuka, no sex.
Mikaduki Chop インスピレーション
Battlefield Inspiration
B5 32
1. Fuji and Tezuka as first years. General Fuji going after Tezuka.
2. Fuji tying his shoes, not getting anywhere with Tezuka. They then talk about Echizen...becoming stronger..blah blah blah.
ARG! Yes, it's worksafe >0< There is no touching! Nothing! Just Fuji lusting! Ah!
Flower Place ずっと好きでいさせてよ
Always make me your lover
B5 178
Lots of pouting Fuji, lots of implied sex, lots of stolen kisses. Flower Place Tezuka Birthday Book, 2001~2003 A few concerning pages, but no nudity. Electron clouds take care of that.
Kazuma Kodaka/K² Company シグナル
B5 32
Fuji's Tsubame Gaeshi is off and Tezuka calls him into the club roomo to talk to him. Coached by Ooishi, he starts to tell Fuji...but Fuji thinks he's breaking up with him, and this makes Tezuka cry, so they embrace over the missunderstanding and have a cute *chu* kiss. Yes, very worksafe. With only two little *chu* kisses...
Kazuma Kodaka/K² Company LIAR! LIAR!
Liar! Liar!
B5 28
Fuji helps Eiji with his relationship with Ooshi, but is at odds with Tezuka. He tackles him to the ground but Tezuka pushes him off. Later, when Fuji is not looking, Tezuka sneeks up and kisses him lightly. Fuji on top of Tezuka, a small *chu*, but all clothing is kept on.
Mikuri Hayashi 『tightly。1』
B5 36
Starts off with Fuji and Tezuka's tennis game 7-5. Tezuka said it was fun, Fuji says "Thank You" but doesn't like it. Inui comes and stirs up feeling for Fuji within Tezuka. Both boys agonize over eachother that night, then Tezuka meets Fuji in the clubhouse and the pair makes love on the floor. Well, this one boarders on NC-17, but the cover says R-14. Although no privates are seen...there's quite a bit of sex.

Isshin Denshin (Translated)

Please leave a comment to which service you are downloading from.

Caution! Extreme Higa Crack!

Title: Isshin Denshin (Excerpt: First Step to an Intimate Friend)
Doujinka: Otawamure Go!Go!
Scanner: nympholepsia  
Translator: squishijilly 

Rating: PG
Pages: 4
Download: MU | SS | MF
Pair: Implied Chinen/Hirakoba
Summary: Rin doesn't want to play doubles with Chinen, so Chinen tries to change his personality.
Please leave a comment to which service you are downloading from.

Caution! Penguin sex!

Title: Penguin Paradise
Doujinka: Blanca
Scanner/Translator: squishijilly

Rating: PG
Pages: 14
Download: MU | SS | MF
Pair: Tezu/Fuji and Ooishi/Eiji
Summary: Extreme penguin crack.

Penguin paradise is a gag story about Tezuka/Fuji and Ooishi/Eiji as penguins. Includes Fishing Style Hyaku Ren Jitoku no Kiwami, and Tezuka mating with Fuji.


I'm leaving bright and early for Hawaii tomorrow, with a 4 hour layover in Seattle! Yay, I get to see Rae-chan!

I'm going to be gone 'till the 5th of march...just so you know I'm not dead.

Photoset: MTL SeiRudyMyu

Yanagi Kotaroh(Ryouma Echizen)
Yuya Endo(Ryouma Echizen)
Eiji Takigawa(Kunimitsu Tezuka)
Kimeru(Syuusuke Fuji)
Takashi Nagayama(Eiji Kikumaru)
Yoshitsugu Abe(Takashi Kawamura)
Eiji Moriyama(Takeshi Momoshiro)
Naoya Gomoto(Kaoru Kaidoh)
Ichinen Trio
Kenji Aoki(Yoshirou Akazawa)
Ryosuke Kato(Atsushi Kisarazu)
Mitsuyoshi Shinoda(Shinya Yanagisawa)
Yuki Ohtake(Ichirou Kaneda)